Taylorville Water Treatment

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The City of Taylorville provides water treatment and distribution to the residents of Taylorville as well as five regional customers. The City’s water supply consists of both surface water (lake) and groundwater (wells) which are blended prior to treatment. Aging facilities and changing regulations on contaminants such as cryptosporidium and nitrate required additional treatment to maintain regulatory compliance to the facility which hasn’t had significant upgrades or improvements since 1983.

The City selected Benton & Associates, Inc. to complete a Facility Plan for the source water and treatment evaluation which looked at renovating the existing facilities or constructing a new facility at a new location. After consideration of capital costs along with Operation and Maintenance Costs, the City council voted to build a new 5.2 MGD lime softening blended water treatment plant at a new location.  The new facility features upflow solids contact clarifiers for clarification and softening, gravity sand filtation, and Ultra-Violet (UV) disinfection reactors for inactivation of cryptosporidium and giardia.

The new plant also employed the latest in biological Nitrate removal technology (Biottta – AdEdge Water Technologies) which converts groundwater nitrate into harmless nitrogen gas leaving a safe waste stream discharged to a nearby stream.  This is the first biological nitrate removal system in Illinois and the third of its kind in the nation.


5.2 MGD

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City of Taylorville, Illinois

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