Macon High Service Pumps

Project Info

Macon Municipal Utilities (MMU) supplies water to the City of Macon, Missouri and local rural water districts in the area.  Over the last several years, the high service pumps were experiencing erosion damage due to cavitation leading to increased maintenance costs, reduction in pump performance, and excessive down time. 

Benton and Associates was selected to evaluate the pump station and provide new solutions to a long standing problem.  Detailed testing and hydraulic analysis was conducted to determine pumping deficiencies and best efficiency points for a number of operating scenarios.   Numerous short comings were identified with suction/inlet piping geometry, sizing, and arrangement which was the primary cause of cavitation at the impellors. 

Due to limited space, a new pump station was constructed over an existing clearwell, suction piping corrections were made, and new variable frequency drives added to provide flexibility in flow delivery.  With the improved piping, the new pumps performed beyond expectations and existing pumps improved without changing motors or alignment.


3.2 MGD






Macon Municipal Utilities – Macon, Missouri