Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

We are moving forward with our celebration of Benton & Associates, Inc.’s 50th anniversary. During these trying times, we have coordinated a plan to safely socialize and celebrate while social distancing. Please check in upon arriving. We’ll share with you our plan so that you may take a quick walk-through of our clean office and proceed to the tents outside.

Everyone will then be able to enjoy great food (served by food professionals) as well as some live music. Be sure to pick up a 50th Anniversary memento.

Please join us if you can, Your B&A Friends

50 Years of Commitment, Partnership, and Results

Imagine the story of a company who’s still serving the clients they began with over five decades ago; the story of a company who partners with city governments for multi-million dollar projects, and who collaborates with community members’ on other projects for a couple hundred dollars. Imagine the story of a company who completes massive endeavors, like the Jacksonville Water Treatment Plant, and more subtle strategies, like tying water mains under intersections. It’s a company that meets every size of project with the same level of partnership, commitment, and results — for five decades and counting. Such is the story of Benton & Associates, Inc. (B&A).

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Taylorville WTP Opflow Article

Opflow – Taylorville WTP

The Taylorville, Ill., water system serves city customers, neighboring communities, and rural water systems. Changing regulations related to Cryptosporidium, increasing well water nitrate levels, and the age of the existing treatment plant required a fresh look at the future of the city’s water system. After reviewing the options and costs, a new treatment plant was constructed across the street from the existing facility and put into operation in August 2019.

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Bluffs Water Tower

Benton and Associates, Inc. has updated the Bluffs village board on the town’s water tower project that focusing on three parts of the project — the planning phase, funding and design plans.

On the funding, the Bluffs village board was asked to approve a debt-authorizing ordinance with an aggregate principal amount up to $1.6 million to pay for the water tower. The board approved an ordinance proposing the issuance of water works revenue bonds not to exceed $1.6 million.